Therm Tech of Waukesha

Waukesha, WI

As a nurse running a business, I was naturally concerned about the health of my employees.   I wanted to make sure they made it to retirement and could enjoy rather than endure their golden years.  Our business is difficult.  The work is physical and injuries are always a risk.  I wanted to make sure that our people learned how to get and stay healthy.

For the past 25 years we have utilized on-site chiropractic services as a benefit to our people so that we understand and treat any injuries early.  Over the years, we have added massage therapy and on-site medical care.  Dr. Rebholz of the Employee Health Centre took over the management of our clinic services in December 2018.  He had provided chiropractic care at our clinic for several years.  Our employees rave about the care that he provides. “Best chiropractor ever” is a comment that I hear often.  His compassionate care and excellent treatment has helped to keep our workers comp costs in check and more importantly, our employees receive the care on-site. We wanted to expand our clinic services and chose Dr. Rebholz to lead the effort because we wanted to maintain a functional, integrated care philosophy.  Dr. Rebholz has since added acupuncture, health coaching, expanded massage therapy, and onsite medical care to our clinic.  The medical care is also second to none.  It gives employees options for on-site visits, video visits, or home visits.  Having a one-stop clinic with Dr. Rebholz at the helm helps our people to know and manage their risks and truly embrace good health.

All in all, we are in great hands!  Our clinic is heavily used and our people are gaining better insight each day into improving their long term health.  As an employer of 160 people, I highly recommend the services of Dr. Chris Rebholz and his integrated team of professionals.  

Mary Wiberg-Springer
Vice President

VJS Construction Services

Pewaukee, WI

Chris Rebholz and his team from Employee Health Centre, LLC are the best.  We weren’t sure if our employees would use on-site chiropractic care or not but we decided to give it a try.  After about two months of Employee Health Centre offering Chiropractic care to VJS Construction Services, we added additional time to our schedule.  Employees keep talking about how much better they feel after their weekly adjustments so now everyone wants to go!

The provider and team always have a smile on their face, even when our employees show up unannounced 🙂

Dawn Kraft, HR, Success Manager
VJS Construction Services

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