Onsite Chiropractic Care

  • Healthier Employee Morale
  • Healthier Employee Productivity
  • Direct Cost Savings
    • Reduced Healthcare expenses
    • Reduced Workers’ Compensation Cost
  • Indirect Cost Savings
    • Increased Productivity
    • Reduced Employee Turnover
    • Reduced Absenteeism
    • Reduced Presenteeism
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Onsite Medical Care

  • On-demand care for acute, non-emergency needs.

    •   Coughs, Colds & Flu
    •   Strep Throat
    •   Minor Cuts & Sprains
    •   Urinary Tract Infections
    •   Rashes
  • Medical care to promote health and prevent illness for your whole family.

    • General Care
    • Comprehensive Health Screening
    • Chronic Disease Management
    • School / Sports Physicals
    • Medical/Women’s Health
    • Surgical procedures
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Health Coaching, Wellness and Safety Training

  • Health coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client.
  • Educates and supports the client to reach their wellness goals
  • Self responsibility for safety on the job/home
  • Injury Prevention Techniques
  • Other Various Health Topics
  • Stress Reduction and Management
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Welcome to Employee Health Centre


At Employee Health Centre we strive on taking your companies health care to a new level to help you build employee morale, decrease absenteeism, decrease presenteeism and decrease the cost in Workers compensation.

By adding one or more of our services, your company can get into the drivers seat to control the total costs on your health care.

We will come onsite and assess your company’s needs and tailor a program that will fit. Then we use the results from the assessment to develop both a program as well as how to track the results. Upon approval of the program and reporting methods, we will then work to implement the program and will provide you with reports demonstrating Return on Investment (ROI) and Value on Investment (VOI).



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