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Personal Health Dashboard

Your Personal Health Dashboard (PHD) is an online personalized web portal which can be accessed at anytime from a computer.

After the completion of your Health Risk Assessment (HRA), your home page will display your personalized unique risk profile by lifestyle, disease, and pre-disease categories.

By clicking on the condition name, you will be redirected to the library providing more specific information on managing your risk.

Mobile App – Access your PHD on your phone or tablet using our mobile app. Search Personal Health Dashboard in your App Store.

Home Screen

Account Information – Update your personal information by clicking on the Settings tab in the upper right corner

Risk Resolution Guidelines – After completion of your HRA, these guide you through additional tests, treatments, maintenance, prevention, education and self-care.

Translation Services – Our language widget gives you access to instant translation in multiple languages.

Health Reminders – View the monthly HealtheNews Newsletter and the annual USHC Health Observance Calendar.

Health Counts

If offered by your employer, Health Counts is a customizable incentive tracking tool.

-View Custom Wellness Campaigns
-View Customer Documents
-View WellCentive Score


Compete with your co-workers in friendly wellness challenges on your PHD. Challenges are customizable and easy to track with the leaderboard. Some examples of our most popular challenges include:

• Step Challenge
• Hydration Challenge
• Blood Pressure Challenge


Find numerous mini-assessments to help you better understand your state of health and well-being.

Topics include:
• Diet and Activity
• Eating Profile
• Self-Stress
• Tobacco / Nicotine Cessation
• Wellness

Surveys, success stories and other satisfaction surveys can be added as well.

Health Tracker

Diet & Nutrition Tracker – Easily track your diet by reaching daily targets in each of the food groups and watching your calorie intake.

Fitness Tracker – Record your exercise by choosing from over 500 workouts and activities. Review your activities on the graph as you go along.

Vaccination Tracker – Record all your vaccinations and when they expire in your convenient vaccination tracker.

Connect your wearable device directly to your Personal Health Dashboard.

Medical Records

Health risk reports, including your Health Assessment Report, with medical information for each disease & lifestyle risk.

Reports to prepare you for your next medical visit.

Health Maintenance schedule to verify you have completed your age appropriate screenings.

Vitals, Tests and Imaging to record your lab tests, measurements, clinical tests and more.

Road To Wellness

Under the Road to Wellness tab, the Personal Health Dashboard opens doors to a variety of behavior change programs.

Topics include:
• Diet & Nutrition

• Fitness

• Tobacco / Nicotine Cessation

• Stress Management

Each topic will take you through a step-by-step program with assessments, motivation techniques, goal setting, preventing relapse and more!


Our medical library raises awareness on disease and medical conditions, provides simple self-help solutions, and offers an interactive anatomy reference tool and hundreds of health education videos.

Anatomy Reference:

Interactive tool for participants to learn how the body works

Disease and Medical Conditions:

Research about prevention, disease, treatments, tests and procedures for over 75 conditions.

Video Library:

A list of almost 500 videos on 44 different conditions.


First aid and managing a disease.

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