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Health Coaching

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Health Coaching is a partnership between a health coach and a client.  This partnership is client-driven.  The health coach helps you reach your wellness goals through lifestyle and behavior change.  They provide guidance and support to the client, based on the health goal (verses telling the client what to do or setting the goals for the clients).  Their role is to build a bridge between where the client is and where they want to be.

The health coach helps the client reach their wellness goals through lifestyle and behavior change.

During a health coaching session, the clients values are identified and area of needed changes are identified and then strategies are created for reaching the identified goals.

areas of coaching

What can a health coach do for me?

  • Goal Accountability
  • Weight Management
  • Healthy Eating
  • Fitness Planning
  • Stress Management
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Disease Prevention & Management
    · Elevated Glucose & Diabetes
    · High Cholesterol & Triglycerides
    · High Blood Pressure
  • Goal Setting
  • Meal planning & Smart Snacking

Can Health Coaches teach Lunch N Learns for our staff

Yes. Lunch n Learns are a great way to get information to your staff about being healthy. This will often break the ice and will drive more employees to receiving services from the clinic.

Can a Health Coach prescribe?

Our Health Coaches are not prescribing providers. They are a partner in your employees health care. They are able to spend more time with their clients than other providers do and they can check in on their them more often to help keep them on track with their health care.

Can a Health Coach teach exercise classes?

Yes. Our health Coaches are able to teach a variety of classes for your staff. These can be a variety from stretching, HIIT, circuit, breathing, meditation and more.

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