If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, fear or uncertainty as we continue to learn more, self-quarantine and see daily updates on the rapid changes, please check out the resources below that are being offered by the Simple Habit app!

1. Free premium subscriptions for those in need

With the fear and uncertainty around the world, many are now required to stay home, resulting in loss of income. For those of you who are impacted by this and can not afford to pay, we’ll be offering you free premium experience starting now until end of April 2020. If this applies to you, please email us at help@simplehabit.com.

However, if you are able to afford and support our business so that we can serve more people, we’d appreciate your support.

2. New plans for stress & anxiety related to Coronavirus and staying home

In response to the pandemic, we have launched a 60-Day Self-Care Plan to help guide you, day-by-day, through the next few weeks. We will continue to release new meditations from our world-class experts to ease your fears, help you take a breath, and provide you with a moment of positivity. You can find your 60-day plan here.

3. New collection for entertaining your kids at home

If you’re a parent, you’re also at home with your kids. This can be overwhelming for both parents and kids. We’ve created a new collection of meditations and stories to help entertain your children, ease their anxiety and teach them mindfulness. Try our Mindful Fun for Kids collection here.

4. Bringing community together with free, 5-minute live meditations each day

Most people are now required to stay home, with limited access to a community and social interactions. We’re launching new, free daily meditations via Instagram Live to help you lean on each other, and create a community where we can pause, connect, and ultimately, get through this together. Join us every morning 8am EST/PST at @simplehabitapp.