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DOT Exams

Coming soon!  Angie is becoming certified in performing these.

Vision Screen

Choose an appointment with any of the medical providers, Allison Knight or Christopher Rebholz.  Add vision screen for appointment reason.

Hearing Test

Choose an appointment with Allison Knight or Christopher Rebholz.  Add hearing test for appointment reason.

Forms For incentive Program

The Program

Click below to see the current literature for the Them Tech incentive program

Dental/Vision verification Form

If you have a dental or vision exam and would like to report it for the incentive program

Preventive Screening form

If you have an age appropriate preventive screening and would like to report it for the incentive program

Request a Video Visit Appointment

Call the medical Office at 262-547-3700 or Schedule an appointment with Angela Skebba Below


Massage Schedule

Below you will find Nicoles Massage Schedule

For any visit type besides Massage/Acupuncture, scroll down.  


Massage Therapist/Acupuncturist

Tuesday 6am-10am
Wednesday 6am-10am
Friday 6am-10am

Employee Health Centre Clinic

If this appointment includes lab work, please stay hydrated.  This means drink 50-84oz of water (about 1/2 your body weight in oz’s), no coffee, energy drinks or alcohol the day before and the day of your blood draw.